What Hotels Should Business Traveler Should Avoid

Hotels Should Business Traveler SWhile the idea of hotels is to pamper its guests and provide the best customer service, there are simply some of them that aren’t capable to cater to specific personalities. Most of these people are business travelers as they need a certain list of amenities in order for them to properly conduct their business purposes. Here are hotels that business travelers should steer away from.

Without Internet

One of the most basic necessities that any business travelers would want is a fast internet connection – WiFi is highly recommended. Though this should naturally be included in the list of amenities that hotels of today feature, there are simply just some of them that don’t have it. Others would have, but their internet connection is so poor that it would simply frustrate the guests. Business travelers should try to inspect the hotels they’re about to book to find out if they have a great WiFi connection – they can do that by visiting the hotel’s webpage or various travel reviewing sites.

Rooms that don’t have enough wall sockets and charging stations

This is another big no-no. Business travelers would normally have with them their laptops, mobile phones and other gadgets so it’s only natural for them to need sockets to charge their gadgets with. A room without enough wall sockets would greatly hinder them from doing additional tasks like opening their laptops to do their jobs – they would need to find another place to plug their devices into which would waste a lot of their time.

No Business Centers

Business centers are like the lifeline of business travelers. If they need to rent some laptops or printing services, this place is where they would go. However, if hotels don’t even have this facility, the only thing they can do is to go out the lobby and find a store with printing services to get their jobs done – and they can’t even do it if it’s not during the store’s opening hours.

If you’re the business traveler and you have to go all through this with a deadline closing on you, would you get frustrated? If you answered no then you must be a saint.

Note: Just a precaution when using the computers on business centers. Take care when opening your accounts like your email, dropbox, facebook, etc. – in fact, if you can, don’t even use them or at least don’t open any private account when using it. Those rental units are easily susceptible to cybercrimes.

No Meeting/Conference Rooms

Hotels preferred by business travelers always feature meeting rooms. This’ll allow them to call in their business partners or staff and conduct a meeting in a formal place without having to move out of the hotel. Because of the convenience given by these rooms, it’s important that every hotel should have them as well.

Bad Location

Location also plays a vital role when choosing or avoiding a hotel. Obviously, you’d want to pick a place which is located nearest to your meeting point and steer away from hotel are far away from that. This only applies if your meeting place isn’t inside the hotel itself (in the meeting rooms) – in that case, you should pick a hotel that would be geographically advantageous for everyone.


These features should be kept in mind when you’re traveling on business purposes. But of course, that doesn’t mean that you should just simply ignore the others. You’re booking in a hotel for a business trip but at the same time, you also want to be pampered and serviced to the fullest. Hotels are places to go if you want to do business in style.