The Best Benefits Of Boutique Hotels

Boutique HotelsAnyone who has traveled understands that the wrong hotel can ruin the entire experience. Even if you intend to enter the hotel only to sleep, you need to pick a place that’s comfortable, secure, and provides good service. Most people believe that the only way to get all these three things is to book a room in a luxury hotel.

Unfortunately, chain luxury hotels can be a little soulless and bland. You get all the comforts and luxury, but very little substance. That’s why Lima boutique hotels are a great alternative. Here’s a look at the benefits of these establishments.

Charm and Character

This is where boutique hotels distinguish themselves from the chain hotels very clearly. Unlike chain hotels, which look the same wherever you go, Lima boutique hotels are more immersed in the local culture and borrow the lot from it. The décor and the atmosphere feel more personal and local. Moreover, boutique hotel rooms are designed very carefully as well, so different rooms have a different vibe.


Large chain hotels can be a little crowded. The staff-to-guest ratio in these hotels is higher too, so they can’t dedicate much time and attention to you. Boutique hotels, on the other hand, are smaller in size. They rarely exceed 100 rooms and have a much lower staff-to-guest ratio. You’ll get a quieter, more intimate atmosphere, and some personal attention and care from the staff.


Most guests are surprised to find that Lima boutique hotels have slightly lower rates than chain luxury hotels. They offer the same level of luxury, have an attentive staff, and an intimate atmosphere at rates that are a little lower. This makes boutique hotels a great option for travelers who don’t mind spending but want value for money.


One of the best things about Lima boutique hotels is their service. As we mentioned before, these hotels are smaller and get fewer guests. As the staff has fewer people to attend to, they’re not as aloof or impersonal as chain hotel staff. They’ll go above and beyond to make your stay comfortable and be helpful.


Some boutique hotels are refurbished historical properties, others are ultra-modern and sleek. Most of them will have all the amenities that you expect from luxury hotels, including spas, swimming pools, gyms, high-end restaurants, etc.

These are some of the reasons why people who experience Lima boutique hotels once, never return to chain hotels.