Is studying at a Virtual University recommended?

Studying online is becoming more popular, a genuine consideration for most since success rates are improving with technological advancements. The virtual environment doesn’t leave you on your own while learning either. There are numerous interactive exercises and discussion boards that can make online learning seem slightly less daunting than in previous years.

It would of seemed unlikely years ago, but you can genuinely achieve great things studying at a VU ONLINE, even to the point where complicated master’s degrees can be attempted with reasonable success, despite a lot depending on the potential of the individual. Below are some of the pros and cons of studying online, before reaching a short conclusion on whether its worthwhile, based on the evidence, but this is open to interpretation.


In a traditional learning environment, you have fixed commitments. You must attend lectures at certain times, which is good for creating a a structure in your daily life, but isn’t always suitable for those who have other commitments. When studying online, you can access learning material at any time, such as video lectures, podcasts and other learning resources. This is an attractive prospect for most, who can fit their education around other facets of life, and even spend a greater quantity of time focused on learning materials, since they can be accessed repeatedly and through any device that has the internet.

With smart phones being common place amongst adults in most countries, where new statistics show 68% of adults in the United States own a smart phone, learning is incredibly convenient, and materials can be accessed online at any time.

Reduced Cost

Incidental costs are likely to be significantly reduced online, since studying from the leisure of your own home means reduced travel costs, and a reduction in the cost of resources such as books and stationary, since everything is accessed from an online portal. Since tuition fees are generally expensive, this is appealing to students who have already spent considerably on tuition, which is also cheaper when studying an online course than attending University itself.

Lack of face to face interaction

When studying online, you are mostly interacting with a computer screen, and despite gaining online communicative skills, it is very important to learn how to talk to people face to face as preparation for the workplace. Studying in a traditional environment greatly improves your personal development, boosting confidence for employability. When online, you will hone skills such as how to communicate via text without being misinterpreted, but this is probably less valuable than the aforementioned.

Frees up Time

When travel time is reduced, and other elements of attending University that can be time consuming are removed from the equation, there is a lot more time for other things. This can even allow you the opportunity to work during your study period, a great prospect for adopting a best of both worlds approach, where you are gaining practical experience while furthering your learning.