Hotel Safety Tips

Hotel Safety TipsWe all heard stories of someone that was on vacation, and while returning to his hotel room from a day exploring the monuments, finds his room opened and his stuff missing. Theft, fires, and natural disasters are some of the problems that a traveler might face during his vacation.

Lest see some tips that it is good to take into consideration.

Before you book your hotel have a look at the present situation in the country you will be visiting. Is the place you are going to stay often targeted in crimes? Is it secure to stay there? Are the security measures high enough to protect you? A good idea is to call the hotel and speak with the manager or a representative. Ask if the reception is staffed all day or if there are security guards on front and inside the hotel. If you are travelling with your own vehicle you should ask if they have a covered parking place with security or cameras.

While checking in always take your key secretly without letting the personnel publicize the room number. If the person shouts your room number then ask for immediate change. You can ask from the front desk, the phone number that you should call in case of emergency.

Now during the stay always check your room. Check if the windows are properly locked and if all the locks are functioning properly. Keep the rooms locked at all times and never open to anyone. You can have a look via the security viewport first to make sure who is outside your door.

Usually the hotel room has a safe. You can use it to keep your valuables like your tickets, passports, and money. It is important to have two copies of the documents though.

Don’t let clothes or other stuff in the middle of the room. It is not a good idea to have things all over the floor on a dark night. You might step on something or trip and injure yourself.

If you leave the room it is a good idea to leave the sign ‘do not disturb’ on the door. This will give the impression to thieves that you are still in the room.

Hotel crimes are common around the world. It could be easy for a professional thief to enter a room and you could find yourself in front of a big problem. If your passport or travelling document is stolen you will have a problem of telling to the police who you are and it will get you in more troubles.

By using common sense and these simple steps you can ensure that your stay will be pleasant and safe. You will enjoy your vacations and you will be more relaxed while feeling that no one can hurt you or your stuff.