Beach Resort Restaurants In Kovalam Cater Distinct Palates

Beach Resort Restaurants In KovalamOne of the many innumerable reasons people visit Kovalam is its extravagant variety of food and south special, delectable sweet delights. This dreamy Indian town of Kovalam is also known for its indigenous and fine blend of international cuisines, which cater to distinct palates of travelers from all around the world giving it an international appeal.

Kovalam enthralling beach resort are especially known for their restaurants that are a delight for the epicureans. Restaurants in Kovalam offer rich, regional cuisine of Kerala, which tickle the taste buds of the fussiest eaters , while satiating the international travellers taste bud.

Most of the Kovalam Beach Resorts have their own restaurants that serve vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes. The restaurants in Kovalam usually use poultry, fish and red meat to produce delectable delights, which enthrall food lovers. Dishes are cooked with indigenous ingredients such as coconuts (which are widely grown in Kerala), coconut products such as milk, kernel and cream along with sea food. Different varieties of rice and cassava are served in these restaurants along with side dishes made from vegetables, fishes or meat. A rich variety in the indigenous cuisine along with variety of foods from international cuisine is what makes these restaurants quite popular.

Travelers are recommended to try Malabar cuisine, especially the Malabar biryani which has a unique flavour and taste that is truly memorable. Chicken, mutton or egg is usually used in this biryani.

Restaurants in this town offer a taste of tickling spices, including cinnamon, ginger, red peppers, turmeric, coriander, cardamom, green peppers, garlic, clovers, cumin seeds and others. Curry leaf is also popularly used in its preparation. When you are in Kovalam, dont forget to try a variety of dishes such as Idli or fluffy rice pancakes served with sour-sweet sambar and coconut chutney, Dosa, uttapams, and a variety of chutney to choose from.

For those who wish to try different international cuisines, Kovalam beach resorts is still the answer as it offers a blend of international cuisines and dishes from all over the world. From Chinese cuisine to Middle Eastern spices, Italian to Mediterranean dishes, these restaurants have it all.

Dont forget to try warm or hot desserts of Kovalam, which are quite popular. Payasam or a rice pudding with coconut extracts and dry grapes is quite a popular choice, which fried rice cake or Unniappam is also a dish that must be tried. Mixture of rice, jaggery and coconut is also a great choice for desserts. Those who seek to try other varieties of desserts can also try ice creams, cakes, cookies and puddings, which are widely served at restaurants in this city.

So, save your taste buds for the delicacies of restaurants at Kovalam beach resorts that leave you with a taste that lingers much after you have finished your meal.