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March 2016

Alternatives To Miami Hotels In South Beach

Miami Hotels In South BeachBeach-goers looking for a last summer fling on Miami South Beach could be facing some steep prices as we head into labor-day weekend. Of course whenever I start thinking about high prices on hotels I immediately try to come up with alternative places to stay. Inevitably my thoughts turn to how I can make use of my resorts access to save some money and still book a luxury suite.

Hotel Prices Jump in High Demand Weeks and on Long Weekends

Anyone who has ever tried to book a room in a hot vacation spot like Miami Beach during a holiday weekend knows what happens to room rates for that Friday and Saturday night: they go way up. What makes the situation even more unbearable is vacancies drop (and room selection with it), many times leaving only the premium suites available (for high 3-figure / low 4-figure per night pricing) – or worse – leaving only the nasty neighborhood 1-star motels available. When you have booked a room under duress during peak times like these you know how painful the result can be (either in your wallet or your back). A late-comer looking for a place on a holiday weekend has few options to choose from, but sometimes alternatives do present themselves if you know where to look.

Suite Rentals Economic Downturn Can Be Your Best Friend

One of the hardest hit areas of the economy post-financial crisis has been real-estate, and in particular vacation homes and timeshare properties. When you think about the number of home-owners who walked away from their principal residences due to financial difficulty you can then only imagine how many vacation-holders or timeshare owners did the same. 2009 may have been a bad year for real-estate, but for the timeshare industry it was nearly a total collapse, and parts of Florida were particularly hard hit. What then happened to all those units and why am I telling you this? Simple. Unused vacation units at major resorts and condominium associations (whether in Miami or anywhere else) frequently are now available for use if you have access to availability information. Many who held onto their resort weeks opt to rent them out rather than use them for money reasons. Given these suites are inevitably designed for luxury-seeking clients, they tend to be an incredible value for renters when they come available.

What Resorts Are Available in Places Like Miami South Beach?

As you might expect there are a number of high-quality resorts in Miami in or near the South Beach area. For starters there are the Westgate locations at Miami beach and South Beach. Westgate was particularly hard hit in the recession, with many owners relinquishing contracts in Florida as well as elsewhere. A quick search shows multiple weeks for rent at their South Beach property today for medium per night rates. While there can be no guarantee of availability on any given weekend this close to a holiday, it doesn’t hurt to find out which venues will rent rooms out to people who would otherwise be stuck in low-quality hotels or high-priced villas. Better still some of the better resorts keep a small amount of inventory available during peak season either for last-minute premium rentals, or for tours / visitations offered at a steep discount. A current example exists at the Golden Strand Ocean Villa Resort (a North Beach location), showing rates around half what you might expect for a similar sized suite in Miami South Beach.

It may still be possible to find a luxury resort accommodation in the Miami South Beach area, though availability can change daily close to major holidays. Timeshare owners also have an additional advantage in their ability to book available luxury suites for deep discounts year-round as part of exchange networks.

Enjoy your vacation!

Beach Resort Restaurants In Kovalam Cater Distinct Palates

Beach Resort Restaurants In KovalamOne of the many innumerable reasons people visit Kovalam is its extravagant variety of food and south special, delectable sweet delights. This dreamy Indian town of Kovalam is also known for its indigenous and fine blend of international cuisines, which cater to distinct palates of travelers from all around the world giving it an international appeal.

Kovalam enthralling beach resort are especially known for their restaurants that are a delight for the epicureans. Restaurants in Kovalam offer rich, regional cuisine of Kerala, which tickle the taste buds of the fussiest eaters , while satiating the international travellers taste bud.

Most of the Kovalam Beach Resorts have their own restaurants that serve vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes. The restaurants in Kovalam usually use poultry, fish and red meat to produce delectable delights, which enthrall food lovers. Dishes are cooked with indigenous ingredients such as coconuts (which are widely grown in Kerala), coconut products such as milk, kernel and cream along with sea food. Different varieties of rice and cassava are served in these restaurants along with side dishes made from vegetables, fishes or meat. A rich variety in the indigenous cuisine along with variety of foods from international cuisine is what makes these restaurants quite popular.

Travelers are recommended to try Malabar cuisine, especially the Malabar biryani which has a unique flavour and taste that is truly memorable. Chicken, mutton or egg is usually used in this biryani.

Restaurants in this town offer a taste of tickling spices, including cinnamon, ginger, red peppers, turmeric, coriander, cardamom, green peppers, garlic, clovers, cumin seeds and others. Curry leaf is also popularly used in its preparation. When you are in Kovalam, dont forget to try a variety of dishes such as Idli or fluffy rice pancakes served with sour-sweet sambar and coconut chutney, Dosa, uttapams, and a variety of chutney to choose from.

For those who wish to try different international cuisines, Kovalam beach resorts is still the answer as it offers a blend of international cuisines and dishes from all over the world. From Chinese cuisine to Middle Eastern spices, Italian to Mediterranean dishes, these restaurants have it all.

Dont forget to try warm or hot desserts of Kovalam, which are quite popular. Payasam or a rice pudding with coconut extracts and dry grapes is quite a popular choice, which fried rice cake or Unniappam is also a dish that must be tried. Mixture of rice, jaggery and coconut is also a great choice for desserts. Those who seek to try other varieties of desserts can also try ice creams, cakes, cookies and puddings, which are widely served at restaurants in this city.

So, save your taste buds for the delicacies of restaurants at Kovalam beach resorts that leave you with a taste that lingers much after you have finished your meal.

Luxury Holidays In Greece

bluegrHaving elevated luxury holidays to a whole new level, bluegr hotels offer their guests the opportunity to experience luxury tourism in Greece based on the 3 pillars of quality tourism, these being exceptional service, hospitality excellence and breath-taking locations.

Having been awarded with some of the most prestigious awards in hospitality, the bluegr hotels scattered across the islands of Crete and Rhodes and Greece’s capital, Athens, truly reflect luxury holidays in Greece. Offering guests a variety of properties with well thought out design, exclusive amenities and services that can coordinate business events and picture perfect weddings, the company has conceived some of the very best short breaks as well as longer holidays in the country.

Whether guests are seeking the ultimate holiday or successful business trip, the bluegr’s range of properties are focused on providing the ultimate experience, be that beach, family, honeymoon/wedding/spa or water sports oriented through its 5 properties, namely the Minos Beach Art Hotel, the Sensimar Minos Palace, the Candia Park Village, Life Gallery Athens or the Sunprime Miramare.

With some of the very best luxury hotels in Greece, bluegr offers guests some of the most unique luxury living on some of the best beaches in Greece that are guaranteed to be exclusive and pristine. Families are also expertly catered towards through bluegr’s two family resorts in Crete where children are made a priority through endless fun activities allowing parents to relax, bask in the sun and truly enjoy luxury holidays. Meanwhile, for the ultimate honeymoon in Crete, newlyweds are sure to be dazzled with exceptional accommodations, sweeping sea views and fairy tale surroundings. With some of the best honeymoon packages in the country, couples are pampered to the extreme with a multitude of cleverly thought out details that ensure for a honeymoon to remember. In placing an overall emphasis on wellness, bluegr’s luxury spa hotels in Greece focus on providing the most exceptional levels of service and delivering truly pioneering spa therapies and treatments that are guaranteed to soothe the mind, body and soul. Finally, active minded guests are sure to be thrilled with the sheer array of water sport activities in Crete on offer, be that diving, sailing or windsurfing. After all, what better way is there to enjoy the crystal clear waters of the Aegean Sea and the essence of Greece itself?!

The Best Benefits Of Boutique Hotels

Boutique HotelsAnyone who has traveled understands that the wrong hotel can ruin the entire experience. Even if you intend to enter the hotel only to sleep, you need to pick a place that’s comfortable, secure, and provides good service. Most people believe that the only way to get all these three things is to book a room in a luxury hotel.

Unfortunately, chain luxury hotels can be a little soulless and bland. You get all the comforts and luxury, but very little substance. That’s why Lima boutique hotels are a great alternative. Here’s a look at the benefits of these establishments.

Charm and Character

This is where boutique hotels distinguish themselves from the chain hotels very clearly. Unlike chain hotels, which look the same wherever you go, Lima boutique hotels are more immersed in the local culture and borrow the lot from it. The décor and the atmosphere feel more personal and local. Moreover, boutique hotel rooms are designed very carefully as well, so different rooms have a different vibe.


Large chain hotels can be a little crowded. The staff-to-guest ratio in these hotels is higher too, so they can’t dedicate much time and attention to you. Boutique hotels, on the other hand, are smaller in size. They rarely exceed 100 rooms and have a much lower staff-to-guest ratio. You’ll get a quieter, more intimate atmosphere, and some personal attention and care from the staff.


Most guests are surprised to find that Lima boutique hotels have slightly lower rates than chain luxury hotels. They offer the same level of luxury, have an attentive staff, and an intimate atmosphere at rates that are a little lower. This makes boutique hotels a great option for travelers who don’t mind spending but want value for money.


One of the best things about Lima boutique hotels is their service. As we mentioned before, these hotels are smaller and get fewer guests. As the staff has fewer people to attend to, they’re not as aloof or impersonal as chain hotel staff. They’ll go above and beyond to make your stay comfortable and be helpful.


Some boutique hotels are refurbished historical properties, others are ultra-modern and sleek. Most of them will have all the amenities that you expect from luxury hotels, including spas, swimming pools, gyms, high-end restaurants, etc.

These are some of the reasons why people who experience Lima boutique hotels once, never return to chain hotels.